Saturday, June 25, 2005


What A Way To Honor Him

On Thursday the UGA newspaper "Red and Black" honors First lieutenant Noah Harris who died in Iraq. Harris was a former UGA student and Cheerleader. And how does "Red and Black" honor him? They run a political cartoon that has a ribbon that says "Support Our Gulags." Nice guys, real nice.

Leave it to the Red and Black. Classless. Totally classless.
Then again, what do you expect from that piece?

I was part of a group of students a couple of years ago that started "The GuardDawg." Sadly, it fell apart as our editor left for law school. That newspaper took a lot of slack at first... we were told there was room for the Gay/Lesbian newspaper, "Southern Voice," but no newspaper bins for us on campus. Then the administration said that they'd need to approve any and all articles that were submitted.

Funny... for such a conservative campus, I felt like I lived in communist Russia at times.
Imagine how much I LOVE being the in the English department. I'll have to post my "List Of Things I Learned The First Day of Shakespeare" later.
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