Sunday, June 26, 2005


English Papers

Writing English papers usually has one of two results for me. First, I come to loath the piece of work, and for a time actively wish that great harm would come to the author. The poems of William Carlos Williams are an example of this. It’s been ten years since I wrote that term paper, and I still hate the poems. Second, I come to a deeper understanding of the work, where I love it and it really becomes a part of me. Shakespeare’s “Richard III” is an example of this, although much of that comes from the fantastic Ian McKellen movie. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Sadly, as I sit here trying to bash out a paper on one of my favorites, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” it is quickly turning into the loath it category. When I’m done here, I should probably go watch the Kevin Kline movie of it… see if that helps….

Update: Paper is done at 3:30am and its pretty good. Now the only trouble is staying awake. If I fall asleep between now and when class starts at 9:15am, theres no way I'll make it. I guess I'll go watch that "A Midsummer Night's Dream" now....

Update: Watched "Star Trek: First Contact" instead. I think in my sleep deprived and addled state its even better.

You couldn't possibly hate him more than I do. I was director of the library in Rutherford, NJ, where WCW spent his life, and where he was venerated. (Not that any of them read his stuff.)
It took me 10 years to get grant money to have his papers preserved. We had a lot of personal stuff about him--photos, letters from his friends, copies of his books, etc., and we got it done, but I never want to hear him mentioned again in my life.
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