Thursday, March 03, 2005


Oook Oook

One of my favorite things to read is the Weekly World News which is one of the funniest and strangest "newspapers" around. From their December issue comes the story of a practical test of the old monkeys and typewriters saying. Also, note the mention of blogs, heh heh.

you gotta love the WWN. the first headline of theirs I can remember was something about the Soviets threatening to shoot down Santa Claus, which is definitely not something you'll find in the New York Times
The one that got me into it was their first um... I guess "article" is the right word... on BatBoy. That poor little mutant has had such an interesting life since they first found him in the hills of Virginia. Must have traumatized him too, since he tried to support Al Gore, though, if I remember right, he ended up biting the former VP....
Okay...where are you Mike???
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