Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Dean Chairman.... Or Is It Chairman Dean? I Can Never Remember....

Howard "The Duck" Dean spoke in front of a crowd at Liberty Hall the other day. He said that the Democrats need to appeal to the Conservatives more, which really is the only way that they will survive as a party of force. In a daring move sure to win him a great deal of support among the right, he accused Conservatives of being evil. "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good” said Chairman Dean. Conservatives are not allowed to call Liberals un-patriotic, but calling Conservatives evil is ok. Well, at least its in keeping with his usual tactics of wild-eyed insanity.

Update: I have received an e-mail asking why I refered to him as "The Duck." Three reasons, really.
1) "Howard The Duck" was the title of an awful movie that annoyed me so much that whenever I hear the name Howard, I am reminded of it.
2) That strange, cartoon duck like yell of his from the primaries.
3) He is a doctor (Quack). This last one is rather mean, but I'm not overly fond of being called "evil."

So, do you think it will be a Hitlary-Duck ticket, or what?

; )
Part of me wants to say "With any luck" but the rest of me isn't nearly that cruel.
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