Thursday, February 24, 2005


Book Review: World of Deep Space Nine Volume 3

They really did something interesting with this trilogy of books. Each book contains two stories, each one describing the events on a different world. This one covers Ferenginar and the Changling homeworld. In the Ferenginar story, Rom’s position as the new Grand Negus is seriously threatened while his wife Leta prepares to give birth. Quark, Nog, and Ro Laren travel to Ferenginar at his request to try to save him. Written by the always enjoyable Keith R.A. DeCandido, it has a lot of humor, including a few really funny in-jokes. What really stuck me about this trilogy is that each of the stories gives tremendous insight into these alien worlds that we had heard mentioned or seen once or twice but not gotten a real sense of the world (with the notable exception of Bajor, in Vol. 2, but even there we see things that make the world more real).

With the Dominion story, we learn about the Changelings’ history, philosophy, and even their theology. The author struggles a bit, trying to explain the thoughts of such an alien species as the Changelings, but use Odo, himself an outsider, to help relate. Outsiders are another thread running through all six of the stories, since so many of the characters on Deep Space Nine didn’t really fit in with their homeworld. All in all, if you were a fan of Deep Space Nine, I highly recommend this book. One thing though, its part of the Deep Space Nine re-launch, a collection of books taking place after the series. They are high in continuity, so you should REALLY start with Avatar Book One, which is the first book in the re-launch (although a pivotal character first appeared in The Battle For Betazed).

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